Frequently Asked Questions


What is Daypair?

Daypair is a site for connecting parents looking for childcare with caregivers offering amazing in-home daycare. Daypair handles all messaging and payments seamlessly online, and provides a host of other benefits including premium insurance and 24/7 on-call physicians.

Who uses Daypair?

Parents and caregivers both use Daypair to discover each other, as well as do online payments, share photo updates and store key documents. If you provide or are looking for amazing home childcare, Daypair is for you.

Is this a free site?

It’s 100% free to create an account on Daypair, and to list your daycare if you’re a caregiver. As a caregiver on Daypair, you'll take home 90% of your earnings. The other 10% helps provide 24/7 support, secure online payments, discovery marketing, site improvements, educational opportunities, promotion of your business, and more. See more on this below.

Is this service safe to use?

Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. We verify every caregiver and parent who signs up for Daypair. We also use a comprehensive peer review system to keep local communities accountable and transparent.

Can I contact someone at Daypair?

Certainly, we love to hear from you! Please give us a call any time at: (415) 403-2962. Or, send us an email at [email protected]


How do I list my daycare with Daypair?

You’ll need an account to list with Daypair. You can create your account here. Once you’ve created your account, you can add your daycare listing here. Adding a daycare listing usually takes about 15 minutes. Make sure you have a good photo of your home on hand! When creating your listing, you'll be able to specify a wide range of features and attributes: experience level, certifications, outdoor environment, activities schedule, meals and more.

Is it free to list with Daypair?

Yes, listing with Daypair is 100% free. There’s no upfront, monthly or annual membership fee. When parents parents pay online using our secure system, you'll be guaranteed those payments and directly paid out by Daypair. As a caregiver on Daypair, you'll take home 90% of your earnings. The other 10% helps provide 24/7 support, secure online payments, discovery marketing, site improvements, educational opportunities, promotion of your business, and more. We help automatically set your prices so you can make exactly the amount you'd like.

How do I get paid for enrolled clients?

After you create your listing, you can enroll new and existing clients. Daypair offers a simple but powerful system for requesting payments. Just select the client, specify the dates and confirm. Then, track the payment request at any time. No more payment worries. As soon as a client makes an online payment, you'll be notified and we'll mail a check to your physical address for the payment amount, which will arrive within 3 business days.

Am I supposed to use Daypair with my existing clients?

Yes, Daypair is designed to help you manage your home daycare. You can request payments online and relax with our 100% Payment Guarantee. We also offer easy photo updates, free on-call physicians $1 million in liability insurance, so you focus stress-free on what matters most: great childcare.

How do the free credits work?

Daypair is great for discovering new clients, but is also designed to work for existing clients. Once you've created a listing, you can enroll your existing clients and begin using Daypair's online payment system. Every client you enroll will receive $150 in free credits. When clients spend these credits to pay your daycare, you'll be paid directly by Daypair. This means your clients receive $150 worth of free daycare, paid for by us. Give it a try! We offer these credits to make switching over to Daypair's system easier in the first few days.


What do I do as a parent on Daypair?

First, you can search for and find the perfect home daycare. Second, you can use our messaging system to contact a host and setup a Meet & Greet. Third, once you find a match you can enroll in your daycare. Finally, use our online payments system to securely pay your daycare, all while enjoying free access to premium insurance, on-call physicians and easy photo update tools. Welcome to hassle-free.

How do I enroll in a Daypair?

Begin by messaging a caregiver. You can do this by clicking “Contact” on their listing page (you’ll need to be signed in to your account in order to this). Then, schedule a Meet & Greet. Finally, your Daypair will invite you to enroll, granting you acess to all of our benefits. That’s it! You’re all done.

Do I need to pay each week or month?

Your Daypair will have its own payment schedule that it determines with you. For example, some parents will pay every two weeks on a Monday. You don't have to worry about keeping track of this: your Daypair will automatically know when to send you a payment request, and you'll be notified of a new request by email.

Am I supposed to use Daypair with my child’s existing caregiver?

Yes. Daypair makes it easy to seamlessly make payments online. We also provide $1 million in liability insurance, so you can rest assured your child is covered while outside your home. Take advantage of our on-call physicians, proprietary curricula and host of other benefits when you do daycare with Daypair.

How do I make a payment on Daypair?

Once you enroll in a Daypair, you'll be automatically sent payment requests based on the agreed upon rate and schedule between your and your Daypair. You'll receive an email notification alerting you of a new payment request, which you can then pay online through Daypair. The payment will go through, and you’ll be notified of the charge.

Is my credit card information secure?

Security is extremely important at Daypair. We use secure forms to transmit your payment information so you can focus on what matters: finding great care for your child.